An IPO is a significant milestone for a company.  Sapphire has extensive experience in working with companies considering an IPO.  Below is a representative list of the services we offer companies preparing for an IPO.  We believe that the ideal time for a company pursuing an IPO to hire an IR firm is at the same time the company chooses its investment bankers. 

  • Create IR infrastructure and manage internal processes
  • Draft the initial IR portion of website, maintain updates
  • Counsel on investment banking selection process
  • Investment community positioning
  • Presentation slide development/delivery coaching
  • Advisory on disclosure, quiet period, spokespeople and employee communications
  • Advisory on IPO process/pricing day
  • Determine appropriate metrics to disclose to the financial community
  • Investor meeting and Q&A preparation
  • Peer analysis
  • Create investor collateral
  • Draft and disseminate filing and pricing press releases
  • Create recommended 6 month IR plan
  • Provide counsel on the first earnings announcement
  • Arrange and manage all logistics and administrative tasks for earnings announcement and conference call
  • Create buy side and sell side target lists
  • Hire vendors for conference call, website, webcast
  • Investor feedback/perception study
  • Schedule and prepare management for financial media interviews on first day of trading

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